May Tailoring

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Tailored garments are a personal pride in appearance and we understand desired comfort and are willing to make an exchange our talent and resources. We will guarantee our loyal services at a reasonable price and quick turn around time. May Tailoring and Alterations offer full services in: men's custom suit & shirt maker, suits, slacks, coat, vest, shirts, t-shirts (polo's), shorts, repairs, re-cuts, and add working buttonholes on jackets. For women we also provide services for the following items: wedding dress (bridesmaid, formal, prom, beaded), suits, slacks, skirts, tops/blouses, knits, repairs, restyle/update, purse and zipper replacement. May Tailoring also offer services on jeans such as: original hem, taper legs, lower waist, shorten crotch, waist, patches/repairs, zipper replacement and more!